Youth of Land

Special Experiment

The rationale of this project is to discover the youth on Earth, far beyond the limits of the digital world.

We are living in a world ruled by social networks and instant messaging, with hundreds of daily, meaningless digital interactions. We are forgetting the real purpose of life.

I wanted to go and discover the youth on all corners of Earth.

My only goal was to create documentary project and an interactive experience that would witness the daily life at the heart of their communities of young people.

My will was to discover my siblings in other countries in order to see how they nurture their happiness.

True human relationships are key to our happiness and, in our digital world, we have forgotten the basics of life.

We have given too much privilege to sophisticated but fake feelings.

Being a fashion photographer does not fade out my deep humanity.

On the contrary, it fuels my addiction to true human feelings.

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Claudia Revidat is a fashion photographer based in Paris. After 7 years of collaborations in Paris, Tokyo and New York for international brands and magazines, she decided to launch Youth of Land, a humanist project about the discovery of the young people in countries from all over the world.